Friday, July 24, 2015

Italy Photo Diary

It's taken me some time, but here are some of my favorite photos for a recent trip that Rob's family was nice enough to invite me on.

It's really hard to go to a location where you have already seen so many spectacular photos and try to do justice to these world famous landmarks, so I tried to capture more about the mood and atmosphere because you already know how beautiful this country is. *These are not in order*

It went like this; Rome, Florence, The Tuscan Countryside, Milan and Lake Como.

After only 10 days in Italy, I already wish I had the attitude towards life that Italians seem to have. Our trip was filled with history tours, amazing food and lots of wine - a tough 10 days I know. I spent the entire time in each location imagining my life if I lived there.

In Italy, life for everyone - tourist and locals - seemed to center on food, which is probably why I felt like I was exactly where I belong. I spent a lot of time people watching and I did not see a single overweight person there, which is what you would expect from a culture that drinks wine with everything, eats 3 course meals and slathers everything in olive oil. My only explanation is that this must come down to fresh preservative free food and walking everywhere.  So yes, I will take pasta, bread and wine without the weight gain any day!

As someone who also loves history, Italy is a dream. Can you imagine field trips and history lessons as a kid in a country with thousands of years of fascinating things to learn. What would it be like to come from a culture or one of the cultures that we owe so much of world history to? Italians deserve to be proud!