Sunday, July 28, 2013

Elizabeths English Bakery and London Market in Salt Lake City | A Taste of England

Yesterday I woke up to a post from Elizabeths English Bakery and Tea Shop for buy 1 meat pie or pasty and get 1 50% off!

I just got off the phone with Rob and was feeling particularly sad that I am not in London with him, so I figured eating food that reminded me of England would help.

Cornish Pasties are one of the most delicious things to put ketchup on!   They are pastry dough filled with savory ingredients.  A traditional filling would be potatoes, onions and ground beef.  In London the Cornish Pasties is a street food most commonly found in the tube and train stations.

Elizabeth's is part of the London Market English import store in Salt Lake. Elizabeth's sells traditional British bakery items like almond slices, meat pies, tea, and shortbread.

The prices are pretty equivalent to what you would pay in London.  The London Market on the other hand imports packaged British goods like Cadbury candy.  Sadly the prices for the imports are way more expensive.  In England you can get Digestives (little chocolate covered cookies for tea and coffee) for about 50 pence or $1, but they are close to $7 at London Market-I am assuming the import fee are not awesome.

It seems like most of the people that fill the store are expats looking for the comforts of home, or people like me that are looking for the nostalgia of a past trip to England.

I chose two pasties- 1 traditional and one with beef, onion and mango chutney. They were delicious!

The London Market is now located at 439 E. 900 S. - Just look for the awesome Union Jack Mini Cooper in the driveway!  Don't forget to follow them on Facebook for sales and specials!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Worldmate Gold | Must Have App

Today an e-mail came to my inbox that I couldn't ignore- Worldmate was having a sale on the Gold version of it's app!

This app is one of the most useful an functional apps on my phone!

Worldmate is an app for travelers.  The most useful thing about this app is that once you have linked you e-mail to your Worldmate account, any of your trip confrimations can be forwarded to and the app will conveniently store them and organize each trip for you.

This is invaluable when you are traveling, not needing to worry about printing or digging up reservations and confirmations makes one less thing to deal with while traveling.  All of the info you need is stored in the app.

I have been wanting to try the premium versions of some of these apps because of how functional they are but the price tag is more than have been willing to pay.  Worldmate Gold is $10 and other competing apps like TripIt charge upwards of $50! I have stuck with the free versions but there have always been one or two things missing from each one, so when I saw that Worldmate Gold was on sale for just $3.99 I figured it was the perfect chance.

The best thing about the app like I said is the trip organizer and the ability to eliminate all you e-mails and printed confirmations. It will also alert you when check in is available and even better is that it will link you to the airline check in page and fill in the info for you (this is AMAZING- trying to remember all the info is such a pain.) 

Here is a screenshot of my last trip that I used the free version and took full advantage: multiple flights and airlines, hotels, and transportation. All of them easily loaded in by forwarding my confirmations.

Other than that it has other travel resources such as:

- Local Weather
- Calendar Sync
- Currenty Converter
- Tip Calculator
- Hotel booking 

From what I can tell the biggest addition the Gold version has over the free app is that it will give you real time updates on flights.

My only real criticism is that I can't store all my frequent flyer miles.  This is the dilemma I have been having about not finding just ONE travel app.  I would be thrilled to find an app that features the same e-mail itinerary to app function and also will store all my frequent flyer numbers. If you know of one please share.

Oh I almost forgot to mention that it integrates social sharing to make it easy to loop people on a vacation or let them know when you will need to be picked up!

Try Worldmate Gold now for the reduced price!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Adventure! | Places to Go

Yesterday I visted my parents, and found I received another National Geographic Expedition Catalog!

Everyone can become an exciting adventurer with these trips.

National Geographic offers Expeditions and Adventures, which are tourist trips ranging from anything like a photo tour of Tuscany to adventures that you would imagine explorers go on like a Mongolian Horse Trek.

Most of the trips are pretty pricey for the average person. If you can really fork over the cash you can pay about $75,000 to travel around the world by private jet with National Geographic Experts. 

Some of these trips you can plan on your own, but how amazing would it be to have someone with the knowledge of National Geographic guiding you! It's really a chance to live out your Indiana Jones explorer fantasy.

Here are some of the trips I would love to go on:

The Great Apes of East Africa
Bhutan Kingdom in The Clouds
Trans-Siberian Rail Journey (This is on my Must-Do list for a later post)
Sailing The Greek Isles
Journey to Antarctica
Wildlife Of The World By Private Jet
Morocco Camel Trek
Everest Base Camp Trek
China: The Tea Horse Road and Shangri-La
Mongolian Horse Trek
Hiking Scotland's Highlands

Tanzania: Walking Safari with the Maasai  (click for itinerary)

How insane would it be to go on a safari with bushmen! 

Trip Highlights of this adventure? ( taken from the catalog description)
" - Go on foraging walks in the bush alongside Wahadzabe bushmen...
   - Spend time with villagers in an authentic Maasai homestead...
   - Hike the volcanic landscapes..
   - Observe lions, elephants, black rhinos..."

...I might reconsider how to spend my work bonuses!

Click to see more National Geographic adventures and itineraries offered.

Monday, July 15, 2013

La Tomatina | Places to Go

Best idea ever?

Being the avid tomato lover that I am, it's pretty crazy that I just found out about this festival this year!

La Tomatina.  Spain's Giant Tomato Fight festival!

I am not sure whether to be outraged at the waste of so many tomatoes or amazed that Spain feels it has such a surplus that they can waste them by having a giant tomato food fight!

My love of tomatoes is a border line obsession so this is basically like tomato heaven! However it is actually like a ketchup festival because they don't allow whole tomatoes for safety.

This is definitely on my Must-Do list!

There are now a few other places that have started having similar festivals like The Midwest Tomato Fest, but in true American Style, you have to pay to go.

If you are in Spain, don't miss out. It happens the last Wednesday of August.

Don't forget to wear cloths you don't mind throwing away and shoes with a grip- it's slippery.  Bring cloths to change into so you don't dirty the public transport. The tomato acid will burn your eyes so wear goggles.

(Images from Google Images)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Zara Sale Edit

I'm dedicating a post to my favorite brand of the past year, Zara.
The store is having a sale right now, which is a big deal because it is part of their business model to not discount. Normally they don't even have a sale section.
The first time I went into a Zara I was in Europe and I wasn't impressed. The second time I was there, I fell in love with EVERYTHING and it became a favorite.  Sadly no Zara in Salt Lake:( So it's online for me.
Zara has the most amazing shoes and coats! I am especially love the shapes and cuts of the shoes. I NEED those top shoes, they would be so great with jeans and dress pants. They also have great fabrics, like the last shirt, they look and feel luxe. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Turkey | Places to Go


Turkish Ice Cream (they tease you!)


Turkish Coffee

One of the most amazing places I have visited has been Istanbul, and ever since I have wanted to go and see more of Turkey.  The draw to Istanbul was the Hagia Sophia, or Ayasofya.  It is now a museum, once a church when Istanbul was Constantinople and then a Mosque.  It is the most exotic and spectacular building I can think of, it takes your breath away. 
Istanbul is alluring because of the “Eurasian" Culture. It has this surreal feeling. East meets West in so many ways (I couldn’t help but think of James bond movies.) One of the few cities to straddle a two continents. The city itself is feels culturally rich and ancient. 
Of all the places I have been, my memories here are the strongest.  The sound of the Adhan, or calls to prayer that boom over the city, the massive amounts of stray cats that wander around like city pets, the heat, Syrian protests (scary!)
I remember in the airport talking to two little blonde Turkish girls, who were trying to practice their English.  Their parents were dressed in traditional Muslim fashion and encouraging them to speak to us. I really felt like a traveler at that point rather than a tourist. 
Turkey is one place I would love to explore more and really immerse myself in the culture and lifestyle.  Next time I visit I hope to see Bodrum, the vacation area for locals, and  Cappadocia, where the city seems to be built into the rock! 
Don’t forget to eat the ice cream, try to be outside for Adhan, go to a turkish bath, get lost in the Grande Bazaar, and sip coffee over the Bosphorus. 
(Images from Personal Collection and Google Images)