Monday, July 22, 2013

Adventure! | Places to Go

Yesterday I visted my parents, and found I received another National Geographic Expedition Catalog!

Everyone can become an exciting adventurer with these trips.

National Geographic offers Expeditions and Adventures, which are tourist trips ranging from anything like a photo tour of Tuscany to adventures that you would imagine explorers go on like a Mongolian Horse Trek.

Most of the trips are pretty pricey for the average person. If you can really fork over the cash you can pay about $75,000 to travel around the world by private jet with National Geographic Experts. 

Some of these trips you can plan on your own, but how amazing would it be to have someone with the knowledge of National Geographic guiding you! It's really a chance to live out your Indiana Jones explorer fantasy.

Here are some of the trips I would love to go on:

The Great Apes of East Africa
Bhutan Kingdom in The Clouds
Trans-Siberian Rail Journey (This is on my Must-Do list for a later post)
Sailing The Greek Isles
Journey to Antarctica
Wildlife Of The World By Private Jet
Morocco Camel Trek
Everest Base Camp Trek
China: The Tea Horse Road and Shangri-La
Mongolian Horse Trek
Hiking Scotland's Highlands

Tanzania: Walking Safari with the Maasai  (click for itinerary)

How insane would it be to go on a safari with bushmen! 

Trip Highlights of this adventure? ( taken from the catalog description)
" - Go on foraging walks in the bush alongside Wahadzabe bushmen...
   - Spend time with villagers in an authentic Maasai homestead...
   - Hike the volcanic landscapes..
   - Observe lions, elephants, black rhinos..."

...I might reconsider how to spend my work bonuses!

Click to see more National Geographic adventures and itineraries offered.