Thursday, September 19, 2013


Phillip Lim for Target

Phillip Lim for Target


Forever 21 Kimono

Phillip Lim for Target Mini Satchel

Phillip Lim Satchel

Phillip Lim for Target

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Phillip Lim at Target
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3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

+3.1 Phillip Lim for +Target MINI SATCHEL

Sunday was one of the only days I can think of this month that the weather has been ideal. Not chilly, rainy or overcast. Perfect for a day at Memory Grove Park in City Creek.  Rob and I like to take Shoog here because there are no cars and it's like a little city oasis with an off-leash dog park and the City Creek Canyon is an easy hike. Everyone leaves their dogs off leash so we don't leash Shoog either, and he behaves better than ever.  This day was fun because Shoog just decided for the first time in his 4 years that he wasn't afraid of water, he even made a game of running in the river and then speeding around in circles and back into the river.

This post was supposed to focus on the dreamy kimono jacket, but it just happened that the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection was released on the same day.  Rob drove me to a few stores to find two of the bags, and this little black one stole my heart! It's so much smaller than I usually go for but that makes it more fun.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Top 7 Destinations in England | Places to Go

places to go in England
photo from: credit: Travel World Passport
Top destinations in London
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English destinations
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Best destinations in England

England side trips
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side trips in England
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Top destinations in England
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After seeing the top image, I remembered all the different places I was planning to go in England.

The idea of being in London and only a quick jaunt from some amazing travel destinations was the best aspect of living there for a year.

Posts about England will probably end up dominating this blog seeing as that is where my heart thinks it belongs.  

Here are the top 7 destinations that I would love to see in England, that are not London. 

1. Anywhere Harry Potter related. Oxford, Warner Bro's studio, Tottenham Court...
2. Cornwall. Have you ever had a Cornish Pasty? Well I'm obsessed with them. This is a local getaway and there are several different fun things to do aside from being a tourist and just looking.
3. Lake District. It just sound beautiful, and I feel like I may run into Mr. Darcy there.
4. Bath. Roman baths and architecture that do not feel like most of England. This also reminds me of Jane Austin. (I've gone on a day trip here, they let you sample Bath water!)
5. The Cotswolds. Even British celebs think it so cute and vacation here.
6. Brighton/Eastbourne. Popular seaside vacation spots with a Taj Mahal-esque building.
7. Dover. Closest point to France. The white cliffs are breathtaking (I've actually been to this one too.)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Green and Gold


Meg is back as my model.  Here is one of my favorite shirts this summer, I have mostly been pairing it with black and olive green but it looks nice with pops of color and gold as well.

This is the fountain by my apartment, it's a nice little oasis right in the middle of the city...only bad thing is that technically it's only for the residents of the adjacent hotel...anything for a great pic right?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Summer Sun Setting


It's cliche, but I'm so sad to see the end of summer.  Although the weather is still blazing hot during the day in Salt Lake, there is a cooler breeze and nights are getting chilly and shorter.

I love all of the rundown buildings around Salt Lake, this outfit was perfect for the setting. This is the back of the old Zephyr club. It was supposedly a really cool rock music venue before shutting down.  I have had this vest for several years but struggle to find anything to wear it with because I don't want to look like a hipster biker chick.  These green sporty shorts from Cotton On were the perfect pairing because of the athletic contrast.

Cotton On is a new store to me and I love it.  It's in City Creek Mall, which is why I haven't seen it (I try to stay away from that place.) It's a really neat store, they have a lot of basic with an edgier touch at decent prices.  They also offer several items that help contribute to their Cotton On Foundation like the bracelets shown.

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Summer Sun Setting

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