Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Top 7 Destinations in England | Places to Go

places to go in England
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Top destinations in London
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English destinations
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Best destinations in England

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side trips in England
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Top destinations in England
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After seeing the top image, I remembered all the different places I was planning to go in England.

The idea of being in London and only a quick jaunt from some amazing travel destinations was the best aspect of living there for a year.

Posts about England will probably end up dominating this blog seeing as that is where my heart thinks it belongs.  

Here are the top 7 destinations that I would love to see in England, that are not London. 

1. Anywhere Harry Potter related. Oxford, Warner Bro's studio, Tottenham Court...
2. Cornwall. Have you ever had a Cornish Pasty? Well I'm obsessed with them. This is a local getaway and there are several different fun things to do aside from being a tourist and just looking.
3. Lake District. It just sound beautiful, and I feel like I may run into Mr. Darcy there.
4. Bath. Roman baths and architecture that do not feel like most of England. This also reminds me of Jane Austin. (I've gone on a day trip here, they let you sample Bath water!)
5. The Cotswolds. Even British celebs think it so cute and vacation here.
6. Brighton/Eastbourne. Popular seaside vacation spots with a Taj Mahal-esque building.
7. Dover. Closest point to France. The white cliffs are breathtaking (I've actually been to this one too.)