Tuesday, April 22, 2014

OOTD | Trend Vomit


This outfit is one big trend jumble, they say you shouldn't combine too many but they all work so well. There is some mesh, perforation, pastel, platform sandals, midi skirt, checks, and sporty chic...that's not too many right? I think the sporty chic look is one of my favorite trends of all time.

Anyhow, this is also a very significant moment for my blog as this is the first time I am working with a brand. That brand being Missguided. It couldn't be a better fit seeing as it is very similar to one of my favorite sites - Nasty Gal - but British! Missguided now sells online to the US, making some fun style and British beauty products available to us here. Their tag line is 'peace, love and fashion' and they sell sort of edgy basics and trends. Lots of crop tops and form fitting dresses. I first discovered this brand through another blogger that resides in England before knowing that it was actually available here.

My love of England means I have an obsession with British brands and think they are somehow so much more cool and unique than all the brands in the States. I still remember when I checked Rivers Island everyday hoping to one day go to England to shop there (having since become available via the wonderful fashion ecomm boom.) So it makes me infinitely happy when others in the US can discover these oh so cool brands and products.

OOTD | Missguided Style