Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Resolutions - A Fresh Outlook

After an unbelievably disappointing 2013, I have done something I never thought I would. I made New Years resolutions! They all revolve around making a conscious effort to take full advantage of 2014 and making it the best and most life-enhancing year.

This year is meant to be a turning point in my life, where I actually take control of my life and starting heading down the path that my whole existence has lead to believing is the right one.

The best thing that can come out of a bad year is actually being forced to think about why it was so bad and what you actually want from life – something that you don’t do when you are happily coasting along in life.

Normally the passing of an entire year makes me unbelievably anxious. However, this year, I have actually made decisions regarding where to take my life, and I don’t think I have ever looked forward to one day of the year as much as I did New Years Day this year.  I’m excited and hopeful…are rare feeling in my life lately.

Here are my resolutions…as silly as they seem I think they are AMAZING!


I would like to become a yoga practitioner. Classes, lifestyle all of that. I will be working with the activewear company Hard Tail Forever at work and am increasingly drawn to the active lifestyle.

Get out of Utah

Hopefully by August – October some of my planning will work out and I will have a different home base for a while. The grass is always greener on the other side, but I am bored here. Thinking London, Paris or LA. Stay tuned.

A longer-term goal (but not too long) will be for Rob and I to have the luxury to work remotely, my spirit needs to wander.

Be more adventurous with my hair and style

I spend my day looking at magazines, fashion and popular culture. It’s all so fun.

Take more #selfies

Liberation! I am much too critical of myself and second-guess myself way too much…this will force me get over it.  Roomie and brother, Ken, suggested I take one a day – challenge accepted! 365 selfies to come. #yearoftheselfie #selfish

Be deserving of good Karma

Sometimes I can’t help but attribute my bad fortune this year to bad karma…I can actually name the day that I think screwed up my life and wish I could go back to see if good karma would have changed the outcome. This year I going to put positive energy into the universe and hope someday the cosmos will remember my contribution.