Saturday, August 24, 2013

Salt Lake City Urban Flea Market | Vintage Finds

The Downtown Salt Lake City Urban Flee Market is new this year. It's located on Main Street and 600 S. Definitely a must-do while the weather is warm! 

It's a shame that they only hold this market once a month (the 2nd Sunday of the month.)  This is actually a flee market like I remember going to when I was younger in Wisconsin and not like the indoor flee markets that are more like yard sales here in Utah. This one is mostly filled with vendors selling vintage/antique/local craft and reconstruction. There are also some of the vendors from the Farmers Market set up.

So far I have bought some peacock and deer figures, they were really cheap and I bargained for them to get them at the price I did. I am planning to fix them up and make them look like new pieces for our apartment, which I will post pictures of.

There are some pretty cool things being sold here-  it's not lacking some really old, creepy and retro items.